wnm limited and Buzon Pedestal International, “An informal presentation on Polypropylene Pedestals”

During the 20th to the 21st of February, 2017, wnm limited embarked on an introductory campaign, on the advantages of using polypropylene adjustable pedestals in construction. On the 21st of February there was a seminar at the Intercontinental hotel, Lagos on the Buzon Pedestal suite of polypropylene products. Laurent Buzon of Buzon Pedestal International facilitated the seminar which was attended by developers, contractors, and architects.

Akin Akinola, Chief Executive Officer, wnm limited, gave the opening remarks, highlighting wnm’s history and its vision to be the number one provider of customer centric and innovative business solutions across multiple industries. He also mentioned the projects wnm limited had completed for Lagos State Public Works Corporation (LSPWC) and Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) to install composite manhole covers and gully gratings in various parts of the state.

wnm limited and Buzon Pedestal International have been working together since 2016 to introduce Buzon’s wide range of polypropylene pedestal products into the local market. These pedestals can be used in the construction of raised floors, water features and terraces in industrial, commercial, and residential projects.


CEO wnm limited, Mr. Akin Akinola giving the opening remarks standing beside Laurent Buzon (L-R)


Laurent Buzon from Buzon Pedestal International giving his presentation at the event


Laurent Buzon from Buzon Pedestal International addressing guests at the event


A cross section of guests


Cross section of guests from left to right Chukwudi Osakwe Senior Associate at FMA Architects Ltd, Francisco Doregos’ Director wnm Ltd, Timothy Okagu Senior Engineer at Ove-Arup & Partners Nigeria and Hakeem Ibitowa Associate Director James Cubitt Architects.

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