Innovative Security Products – Automotive Wheel Locks

Under technology services, one of our innovative business solutions is providing secure wheel locks which guarantees the highest level of protection against wheel and tyre theft. These unique wheel locks are equipped with the same characteristics as the standard wheel lock but can only be opened with a special key. This unique design offers a nearly unlimited number of patterns.Our wheel locks are available for all vehicle brands and models.


All locks are made from high quality alloy steel for strength and durability which prevents them from rusting, chipping or peeling.


Our McGard wheel locks keeps your wheels looking beautiful as it can withstand harsh elements, nasty corrosive wheel cleaners, loose fitting log wrenches and lead-foot drivers without getting ruined unlike ordinary lug nuts.

images (4) 3071DSC01990-med

Having your wheels and tires stolen could leave you stranded in a very bad place at the worst possible time.


You can avoid being a target for theft. The minimal cost of McGard wheel locks is a small price to pay for peace of mind.


download (1)

McGard wheel locks are easy to install and very effective as a theft deterrent. Simply replace one lug on each wheel for disc styles, and two for spoke. There are no moving parts to corrode or jam. Each lock has a specially coded pattern milled into it that engages with the corresponding pattern on the key/adapter tool. McGard offers a wide range of key patterns for added security and your fleet’s pattern will be registered with us to make ordering additional locks or keys quick & easy.

McGard wheel locks will give protection to the wheels and tires of your fleet of vehicles and help you avoid complications that may arise if the wheels and tires were stolen. Such as;

  • Increased insurance costs
  • Scheduling and delivery delays
  • Additional expenses for downtime
  • Thousands of dollars in stolen equipment
  • Loss of perishable load
  • Lost business
  • Possible vehicle damage



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