Retrofit screen wall solution – Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) boards are long-lasting, colour stable, won’t warp, rot or splinter and water resistant making them the ideal solution for the replacement of deteriorating traditional wood.

Our team was contacted to replace a deteriorating wooden poolside area screen in November 2016. In providing a solution we not only replaced the wooden screen with our WPC screen, the replaced screen is detachable, well-lit with solar lamps and caution tape.

This new screen is a long-lasting cost effective solution that offers plenty of privacy, safety, durability, and beauty.

Please click the link below to watch a video on the installation.

Wood Plastic Composite Screen Installation – Retrofit Residential Project


wnm limited and Buzon Pedestal International, “An informal presentation on Polypropylene Pedestals”

During the 20th to the 21st of February, 2017, wnm limited embarked on an introductory campaign, on the advantages of using polypropylene adjustable pedestals in construction. On the 21st of February there was a seminar at the Intercontinental hotel, Lagos on the Buzon Pedestal suite of polypropylene products. Laurent Buzon of Buzon Pedestal International facilitated the seminar which was attended by developers, contractors, and architects.

Akin Akinola, Chief Executive Officer, wnm limited, gave the opening remarks, highlighting wnm’s history and its vision to be the number one provider of customer centric and innovative business solutions across multiple industries. He also mentioned the projects wnm limited had completed for Lagos State Public Works Corporation (LSPWC) and Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) to install composite manhole covers and gully gratings in various parts of the state.

wnm limited and Buzon Pedestal International have been working together since 2016 to introduce Buzon’s wide range of polypropylene pedestal products into the local market. These pedestals can be used in the construction of raised floors, water features and terraces in industrial, commercial, and residential projects.


CEO wnm limited, Mr. Akin Akinola giving the opening remarks standing beside Laurent Buzon (L-R)


Laurent Buzon from Buzon Pedestal International giving his presentation at the event


Laurent Buzon from Buzon Pedestal International addressing guests at the event


A cross section of guests


Cross section of guests from left to right Chukwudi Osakwe Senior Associate at FMA Architects Ltd, Francisco Doregos’ Director wnm Ltd, Timothy Okagu Senior Engineer at Ove-Arup & Partners Nigeria and Hakeem Ibitowa Associate Director James Cubitt Architects.


Our Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) cladding combines the traditional appearance of timber with the durability of an engineered composite. It has been designed for beauty and is ideal for architectural, industrial, and commercial sectors as a long-lasting, and cost effective replacement for wood.

Our video below shares a recently completed installation of our WPC container cladding as a proof of concept for a client using our flush type 150 cladding in cedar color.

The video highlights cladding vertically and horizontally and how to fix-in the cladding accessories at the different stages of installations.

Video of WPC Cladding Installation – Container Cladding POC

Wnm limited with Dura Composites Provide a Safe GRP Solution to Corrosion Issues for Nigerian Oil & Gas Company’s Brine Mixing Pit at Onne Rivers State, Nigeria

Watch the full video of the installation

In March 2016 – wnm limited with Dura Composites have provided a safe, durable and corrosion resistant alternative to traditional steel for a vital Brine Mixing plant at a major Nigeria based hub for West African deep-sea oilfield operations. Fabricated from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) profiles and grating, the resulting structure provides a safe working environment, and is designed for the future thanks to its inherent strength, durability and anti-slip properties. Prior to installation, the mixing pit at the facility in Onne, Rivers State, Nigeria was found to have significant issues caused by the degradation of various steel components. Steel corrosion (rusting, or oxidation) is an electrochemical reaction that occurs when iron atoms lose electrons in the presence of oxygen and water. In this case, the effects of the salts being used within the mixing pit (calcium chloride and calcium nitrate) had led to severe corrosion, which is widely acknowledged as the largest single cause of plant and equipment breakdown in the process industries, and which results in an unsafe working environment that can lead to plant closures.





Before: The Brine Mixing Pit and surrounding structures were badly corroded





wmn limited was responsible for the supply and installation of the materials fabricated by Dura Composites.

Our Dura Composites GRP products are manufactured using high quality fibreglass produced from the latest pultrusion processes, and offer high strength, low weight, chemical and fire resistant properties. Using the latest CAD design techniques we produced a bespoke design using profiles which are delivered to the site in manageable sections for final assembly on location. Stairways, access platforms, walkways and step-over platforms can be fitted with fibreglass floor grating to provide a gritted flooring finish which offers the highest degree of slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface, even in the wet and oily conditions. Commenting on the successful installation our CEO Mr. Akin Akinola said; “the before and after pictures from this project speak for themselves. The mixing pit itself is a 500 barrel structure of approximately 5 metres in diameter and constitutes a vital part of the operations at this facility. wnm was confident that our GRP material would provide the perfect solution to the corrosion and structural issues with the pit and we are delighted with the resulting structure produced. The new mixing pit is not only corrosion resistant, durable, and has a high load capacity, but most importantly, it will provide our clients with a safe working environment for many years to come”.






AFTER: The new GRP structure provides a safe working environment and is corrosion resistant.




wnm limited welcomes creativity and her partnering with architects has meant innovation. Here we see wnm’s composite decking boards found to have more uses than its original application for floor decking, because our wood plastic composite (WPC) decks have a beautiful aesthetic wood finish. This has led to the use of composite decking boards to clad gates or use as screens. This is beginning to spread as many of our clients have requested that their gates be clad or be used to screen off sections of the homes for more privacy just like traditional wood.

This is not to say that the WPC decking has replaced our composite cladding. It just happens that some clients prefer the composite decking’s final look to the cladding boards. Our composite cladding and balustrading are also suitable for a wide variety of domestic and commercial applications. They are durable, resilient, low maintenance, and as Eco-friendly as our composite decking boards.

The pictures below show the recent applications of our WPC boards.


Original use of our WPC decks for flooring


Gate cladding with our WPC decks for a client at Ikoyi



Screened section of the home for more privacy, with our WPC decks for a client at Ikoyi


Screened generator area with our WPC decks for a client at Ikoyi


Screened fountain area with our WPC decks for a client at Lekki phase 2



Screened poolside area with our WPC decks for a client at Lekki phase 1